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Due to a bad accident, the studio time will be re-scheduled and the solo album will be released later than I had hoped.

So much closer to reality!  After two amazing days we are five tracks closer to completing my album "When the Giants Fell!"

Dave's hitting the studio again!

Look for updates to his solo album, When the Giants Fell, coming April 17th and 18th!!

Where is the solo record?  When will you record again?  What happened?

All legitimate questions . . . and the answer?  I can promise you at least one in the trials and injuries of my fretting hand.

Every year we used to make a video commemorating another year after the loss of my wife.  We did it again this year, bringing in everyone who helped.  Please join me in listening to the music!

It's the first single from an upcoming solo record . . . but what, and in particular who, influenced the song itself?  That's more complicated than you might think!

Meet "Dot", my beloved 7-up Green Eric Clapton model Fender Stratocaster.  She features prominently in the sessions for my first couple singles.  She will feature prominently in the rest of the album, too!

What guitar would you use for your first single?  I used a few . . . but this one . . . this one gives me that Dicky Betts/Duane Allman tone mixed with some Robben Ford for good measure.

While my first single, When the Morning Comes . . . well . . . comes out on Friday, April 22nd, you need to know who helped make this possible.  Meet the members of the Ain't Got No Time (rock and blues) Band!  They are like family, amazing, and wonderful musicians in their own right.

So why "When the Morning Comes"?  It's a personal story, one where I know I lost but at some point, the distance between hurt and heal wasn't so far.  Some point I had the urge to have companionship and fall in love again.  At some point I realized that, yes, this woman left me behind . . . but I met someone.  Some who will be here when the morning comes.

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