The Amalgamated Rock and Roll Website of Dave Manoucheri

Dave recording the demos for a new Album

Official Site of Dave Manoucheri!!
(Pronounced Man-Oh-Cherry)

I know, lots of vowels and consonants in that name...

Thanks for visiting!  Look around!  Stay Awhile!  Looking and listening are free . . . though there will be some tracks you can buy online as well.  You can buy it here, or download at iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, and all digital platforms on July 1st!

Also . . . listen to or download When the Morning Comes, or How Much More, my first singles!  There are links to buy or listen here on the site.

Click on ABOUT to see the long(ish) story of how Dave got here, the brief story of why he can't listen to Foghat and what an amazing group of musicians are with Dave on this musical journey!